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Discover our SSL security.

Understanding the Importance of the SSL Segurança: Protection of your company by Decor Harmony.

No digital world of your choice, security has absolute priority. With a growing quantity of information available online and transactions carried out online, it is fundamental to guarantee that our children are protected against any type of malicious interception. Anyone who enters this room has SSL security.

Where is SSL? O SSL is a security protocol pad used to establish a cryptographic connection between a web browser and a server. It is a cryptographic guarantee that all information transmitted between your user browser and permanent web server is not provided or understood by third parties. When a browser attempts to connect to an SSL protected site, the server presents a digital certificate, which is a type of identification credential. This certificate is issued by an Autoridade Certificadora confiável and confirmed as specified by the site

Our Decor Harmony, we can use this technology to guarantee the security of our purchases. You can now test our SSL confidence by accessing the link below:


We can trust you with Decor Harmony. Aqui somos de confinça.
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