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Clear glass cup

Clear glass cup

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Be instant wear-ready with this clear colored mug. It is durable, light and beautiful, for your moments of pure pleasure! Live the experience of a glass that accompanies you every moment.

Material: glass
Occasion: Home
Square shape
Type of glasses: glass.
Certification: CE/EU
Quantity: 1pcs
Feature: eco-friendly
Material: lead-free high borosilicate glass

Features and Specifications:

Multi-function, coffee, tea, flavored tea, cappuccino, ice cream, cocktail, etc.
Withstands temperature difference: -20℃ to 150℃

Lead-free high borosilicate glass
High temperature resistance
Health, Environmental Protection
Double-glazed design, thermal insulation, anti-scalding
Beautiful shape, it is a good choice as a gift

For cocktails, juices, green tea, black tea, drinks, milk, coffee and other drinks.
Recommended daily bar, KTV, home, hotels, teahouses, clubs, cafes or office.

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