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Barrel barbecue with 3-in-1 thermometer: smoking, grilling or cooking

Barrel barbecue with 3-in-1 thermometer: smoking, grilling or cooking

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3 in 1 tube

With 3 different levels for grilling, baking and smoking, our versatile charcoal grill is a must-have for all grilling and grilling enthusiasts. Two grills provide ample space for grilling family, friends or neighbors. A thermometer in the lid indicates the temperature, which can be easily adjusted via the side door and top vent. The built-in water bowl keeps the temperature low for perfect smoking and can also be used to steam vegetables. The quick assembly and ease of use of the charcoal barbecue guarantee great grilling pleasure.


2 side doors for ventilation
2 side handles
Adjustable air outlet on the lid
Water bowl for perfect smoking or steaming
Thermometer on the lid
chrome kitchen grills
Charcoal bowl with ash grate


Total height: 78 cm
Diameter: 41 cm
Grill diameter: 37 cm
Mesh height: 35 or 56 cm
Water bowl diameter: 38 x 7 cm
Container diameter: 38 x 7 cm
Inlet valve: 14 x 12 cm
Ventilation slides: 10 cm with 6 ventilation slots of 3 feet
The distance between the ground and the charcoal container is approximately 11 cm.
Material: coated metal
Weight: 6.5 kg

Scope of delivery:

1 grill base
1 middle part
1 lid for smoking device with thermometer
2 cooking grids
1 gray grid
1 ashtray
1 bowl of water
1 instruction manual
4 hooks
Assembly hardware

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