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4 Piece Vertical Garden Pot Set

4 Piece Vertical Garden Pot Set

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Bring style and function to your garden with our set of 4 vertical garden pots. Each is designed for optimal drainage, giving your plants a healthy and thriving environment. Garden pots save space and make your garden look organized and well-maintained.


Used with: flower/green plant
Condition of use: Wall
Material: Plastic
Plastic type: ABS

The flower pot is made of resin, which is more environmentally friendly, sun-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, and the wall does not need to be waterproof. Water and soil separation design, plant ventilation and high survival rate, convenient drainage.
These flower pots can be stacked and hung on the wall to form a beautiful garden green wall. It can be used for interior and exterior walls of houses, as well as in public places, parks, both sides of bridges and bridge holes to beautify the living environment around us.

Product Description

This product has 4 individual jars to form a package.

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