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BELFORD 4-Digit Coiled Cable Bike Lock

BELFORD 4-Digit Coiled Cable Bike Lock

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The BELFORD 4-Digit Coiled Cable Bike Lock is the perfect way to protect your bike and your inner peace! Its coiled cable is made up of 4 digits for maximum security and optimal protection. Give yourself peace of mind and enjoy your cycling activities in complete safety.

Ideal for helmets, bicycles, e-bikes, travel suitcases

Brand name: Beelord.
Size: 150mm

Change password

1. Original password alignment (0000)
2. Rotate 90° clockwise
3. Turn the password dial to set your own password
4. Rotate 90° counterclockwise to finish editing

Product parameters
Weight: 102.8g. Length: 150mm.

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