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Bicycle mouthwash cup with brush

Bicycle mouthwash cup with brush

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Have great oral health with the Bicycle Mouthwash Cup with Brush! Practical and precise, this cup has an integrated brush for simple and effective oral cleaning. Beat bad breath forever! Treat yourself to optimal oral health with the Bicycle Mouthwash Cup with Brush!


1. Cup of gargle is the first pass every morning. It is used by couples and their families. It's exquisite and beautiful.
2. Large-capacity cup to meet daily needs, avoiding the trouble of frequent water
3. The round cup without burrs does not cut the hand, fits the lip, and uses peace of mind.
4. In line with the human body design, easy to operate, comfortable to hold
5. Ingenuity, use time is long, not easy to deform
6. From shaping to grip, from color matching to material
7. Every wash, every place can experience a comfortable feeling
8. Experiencing the refreshing feeling of washing in the morning and evening is a form of life, and minimalism is taken to the hilt.


Color: white, green
Style: modern minimalist
Capacity: 400ml

Package Included:

1*mouthwash cup

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