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Metal egg shell opener

Metal egg shell opener

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Our metal eggshell opener offers a quick and easy way to separate the shells from raw eggs. Made of durable metal, useful and effective in the preparation of preparations and crafts. Get perfect results this time!

1. Made of premium stainless steel, durable, stain resistant and easy to clean.
2. Break the eggshell nicely and easily in seconds, just pull the ball up and hold it, then let go, leave a perfect score around the egg.
3. Suits for raw eggs, boiled eggs or boiled eggs can prepare various egg cuisines.
4. With these nifty kitchen utensils, you can easily prepare egg custard, pudding, cupcakes and even green plant artwork for your families. Perfect gift for various festivals!

Method of use:
1. Holding the egg in your hand, make sure your egg cutter is placed on top of the pointed end of the egg.
2. Pull the ball up then release it to beat the egg. Generally, raise the hammer to a height of about 1.5cm and hit the eggshell 3-4 times. You can get a full eggshell top.

The package includes:
1* egg opener
1 * egg opener + 1 * egg separator

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