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Thick frying pan for eggs and omelets with wooden handle

Thick frying pan for eggs and omelets with wooden handle

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Add our small dishes with our big fridge for eggs and omelets. Equipped with an ergonomic wooden handle that is not missing, it can be safely and safely prepared for your family. A large refrigerator is perfect for cooking eggs and omelets with perfection. Prove a difference in our gross refrigerator!


• Non-stick surface: The omelet shape has a non-stick surface that prevents greasy food and makes it easier to clean.

• Design of 3/4 furos: The design of 3/4 furos in the omelet shape allows you to cook a variety of omeletes of your own, saving time and effort.

• Omelete espessa: A form of omelete espessa allows you to make an omelete but espessa and substantial that will satisfy your needs.

• Madeira Cabo: The madeira cabo in the shape of an omelet provides a comfortable fit and allows you to rise and move in a form with ease.

Panel to make egg fryer non-stick domestic with four furos and very furos for manhã coffee


Product name: non-stick refrigerator
Adequate fog: induction
Type of panel: anti-stick
Type of panel: Frigideira and frigideira
Type of metal: Aluminum
Coating: Surface area with anti-adhesive coating

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