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Modern Origami Elephant Head Sculpture Wall

Modern Origami Elephant Head Sculpture Wall

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The modern origami elephant head sculpture wall is a contemporary decorative object that will bring a radiant atmosphere to your space. Made from eco-label paper, the sculpture features a sophisticated artistic design and offers excellent quality. This unique wall accessory is an ideal addition to bring an artistic and trendy touch to your interior.

Material: resin
Process: manual painting
Color: black gold, gold, white, black.
Size: 33x32x10.5cm

Product Details

1. The bottom embryo made of environmental protection resin is fine, waterproof, anti-corrosion, safe and odorless
2. The texture is delicate and realistic, and the eyes are bright, flexible and elegant
3. Handmade lines depict natural and smooth texture, bright texture, delicate and full color
4. The rear hanging hole of the firm hanging hole has passed the gravity test and is safe and stable without falling.
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